How Garlic Works

Explore, compare, and select the coverage that suits your clients needs, all in one convenient place. Say goodbye to complex processes and hello to effortless insurance solutions – that's how Garlic works for you.

Fill Out a Short Input Form

Fill Out a Short Input Form:

Provide us with essential details about your brokerage, and we'll swiftly process your information.

Instant Access to Your Account

Instant Access to Your Account

Once you've submitted the form, we'll promptly send you your personalized account information.

Serve Your Clients Better

Serve Your Clients Better

Elevate your services and set the stage for enhanced client relationships with Garlic Insurance.

Trusted Partnerships for Success

Collaborating with industry-leading insurers allows us to offer you a diverse range of policies and solutions. Our network of trusted partners ensures that you can confidently provide the best coverage options to your clients, backed by the expertise and reputation of renowned insurance providers.

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